DPNM Files IRS and FEC Complaints Against McCleskey/Martinez Non-Profit, ‘New Mexico Competes’

DPNM has filed formal complaints to the IRS and FEC regarding the activities of a suspect organization that may be illegally coordinating with, and seeking to conceal campaign contributions on behalf of New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez. The intent of these activities may be to violate and circumvent New Mexico law limiting campaign contributions to candidates.

According to an article appearing in the National Journal on November 21, 2013 “The Man Who Discovered Susana Martinez Could Also Be Her Downfall” reported that Andrea Goff, the former finance director of Susana Martinez’s campaign and of Susana PAC, Governor Martinez’s political action committee, that Governor Martinez, “specifically told her that McCleskey was launching” New Mexico Competes, Inc.

Any involvement, including fundraising, advising, messaging whether on paper or behind the scenes would violate rules prohibiting coordination.

“These are serious allegations. DPNM has a responsibility to the voters of New Mexico to ensure that Governor Martinez and her ‘undercover’ operatives are adhering to all federal and state campaign laws. She promised full and open transparency as Governor and if she won’t keep her campaign promises, then maybe the IRS and the FEC will make that decision for her,” stated DPNM Chairman Sam Bregman.

New Mexico Competes, Inc. has already spent large amounts of money in political advertising, radio and print, targeting those who oppose Governor Martinez and to promote Governor Martinez to the voters of New Mexico.

In addition, contributions from individuals, businesses, and political committees in excess of New Mexico law that were donated through New Mexico Competes, Inc. may have violated both federal and state law.