This is The Affordable Care Act in New Mexico—Pre-existing Conditions No Longer Denied


Thousands of New Mexicans Will No Longer Be Denied Health Coverage Or
Charged Higher Premiums Due To Pre-Existing Conditions

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act 129 million Americans nationwide can no longer be denied health coverage because of pre-existing conditions such as cancer, asthma or diabetes. In New Mexico, 862,000 individuals including 122,000 children will finally be protected from discrimination based on their health status.

Sam Bregman, Chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico (DPNM) commented:

“New Mexicans can finally have peace of mind that they won’t get dropped by their insurance or be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions. Ensuring that millions of Americans have this security should be a priority for lawmakers in Washington.

Unfortunately Republicans across the country are determined to see this healthcare law fail at any cost. If they get their way those 862,000 New Mexicans and 129 million Americans will go back to living without health care or paying exorbitant amounts for high deductible, low quality coverage that doesn’t fit their needs.

Instead of boycotting and trying to repeal a law that is working for New Mexicans and giving people quality, affordable healthcare, Rep. Steve Pearce and the Republican Party need to get back to working on important issues pending that are affecting our country – comprehensive immigration reform, the farm bill and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).”