The Affordable Care Act in New Mexico: Preventive Care



The Affordable Care Act is helping thousands of New Mexicans access quality, affordable healthcare. Under the ACA, 105 million Americans nationwide are paying less for preventive care services, including more than 47 million women. In New Mexico, 373,000 people – including 95,000 children, 146,000 women and 132,000 men are receiving preventive care without cost sharing. For the first time ever preventive services like cancer and diabetes screenings are available for free of charge to consumers.

However, Republicans like Congressman Steve Pearce (R-NM) want to take this all away. If the GOP had their way in gutting Obamacare, we would have to kick kids off of their families’ healthcare plans; drop consumers with pre-existing conditions; refuse to cover preventive care; and charge women more than men for similar coverage.

The Affordable Care Act is helping New Mexican families save money and is giving them the accessible, quality preventive healthcare that they need.

Sam Bregman, Chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico (DPNM) commented:

“373,000 New Mexicans have already benefited from free preventive care under the Affordable Care Act, yet the GOP and Steve Pearce want to gut the program –they’ve voted to repeal Obamacare 46 times and even shutdown the government over it. The GOP wants to take quality affordable healthcare away from millions of Americans and take us back to the days when insurance companies were in the driver’s seat. Over and over again, Steve Pearce and his Republican colleagues show that they’re more interested in their own political gain that in the well-being of the American people.”