Thoughts From Sam

Recently, the non-partisan and highly respected National Journal published an expose on New Mexico’s ‘shadow governor’ Jay McCleskey. While there were few surprises for Democrats, the real surprise was how key Republicans view the arrogance and ‘in the gutter’ politics Mr. McCleskey and Governor Martinez practice on a daily basis.

Dubbed the ‘Karl Rove of New Mexico,’ the shadow governor deals in in a secretive, dark world where with the support of the Koch brothers, he devises new ways to exploit and divide New Mexicans. The playbook goes like this: limit and ignore transparency, (breaking another campaign promise) install political hacks in key state agencies, while New Mexico continues to suffer, placing 50th in the nation for the well-being of children and number one for child hunger; and above all else blame the media, Democrats, teachers, unions, and the poor for every problem and failure in New Mexico.

While the McCleskey/Martinez administration continues to do absolutely nothing to create jobs or do anything to improve education for our kids, a new national study has ranked New Mexico the second worst run state in the country.

“The state was among the worst 10 nationwide for violent crime, high school graduation rates among adults, and health insurance coverage. More than one in five residents lived below the poverty line in 2012…”

We have to stop this now.

Can you donate $25, $50or $100 today to help us defeat Governor Martinez and Jay McCleskey?

The McCleskey/Martinez administration has been a complete failure. Their ideas are old Republican retreads; tried, tested and proven failures in every state they have been introduced. The only ‘success’ has been to hurt and diminish poor and middle class New Mexicans that rely on a safety net to help feed and clothe their kids.
The clock is ticking. Democrats have 5 announced candidates for Governor; any one of them would be a vast improvement over this failed Governor and her do-nothing administration.

Contribute $25, $50,$100 or any amount to help us defeat Governor Martinez and Jay McCleskey.

Stay tuned. In the coming weeks, DPNM will be promoting an agenda that will continue to build the future.

Right now.