ICYMI: The National Journal: ‘The Man Who Discovered Susana Martinez Could Also Be Her Downfall’

In an extensive feature article, the National Journal, a highly regarded nation-wide news and feature publication, takes a long look at New Mexico’s governor, and her chief political operative Jay McCleskey.

As the governor embarks on her re-election campaign under McCleskey’s guiding hand, some of her key allies were finding courage in short supply, the National Journal says of Martinez.

“They had begun to see Martinez not as a fresh-faced technocrat, but as a callow figure who had placed far too much trust in a single political aide, the 39-year-old McCleskey, whom many here view as the ‘Karl Rove of New Mexico.’ Yes, he discovered her and transformed her from a county district attorney into a national force. But these Martinez allies say that his mercenary, dog-eat-dog style of politics now superseded the act of governing, and that he had effectively walled off any other voices from pricking the governor’s eardrums, let alone her conscience. They tell a growing number of stories about what they say is McCleskey’s inappropriate involvement in the state’s affairs.”

Read the full National Journal article online. Click here.

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