Same Old GOP. Not Fresh, Not New: Immigration

The Republican Party said that they’re going to be the party that is “Fresh and New.”

So how is the “fresh and new” GOP handling immigration reform? All they’ve got is the same old excuses. Last week House Speaker called the Senate’s comprehensive immigration bill “dead in the water.” Republican House Whip told immigration reform advocates that Republicans didn’t “have enough time left this year to deal with the issue.”

These videos highlight the lack of political will from the Republican Party when it comes to immigration reform. Republicans have had more than enough time to get this done and now they’re hiding behind excuses. The truth is if Republicans wanted to pass immigration reform tomorrow, they could. There’s a bill in the House and enough votes to pass it, all we need is a vote. It is up to Speaker Boehner and Republicans in the House to stop playing games and decide whether immigration reform becomes a reality.

Same old Republican Party. Not Fresh. Not New. No Agenda. No Immigration Reform. No Jobs. No Ideas.


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