Dem Sweep! Diane Gibson Triumphs, Referendum Fails in Albuquerque

Extreme, restrictive anti-choice initiative loses—big victory for women’s health care choices

The results are in and Albuquerque voters said yes to Diane Gibson and no to out-of-state extremists.

Councilwoman-Elect Diane Gibson

Councilwoman-Elect Diane Gibson

Councilwoman-elect Gibson ran a strong campaign that reinforced Democratic ideas to create jobs and support local businesses, stand up for women’s health care choices and be a strong voice for working men and women.

“Democrats and independents stood up for the poor and middle class by electing Diane and saying no to the Tea Party and out-of-state extremist groups. This election signals that New Mexico Democrats will mount an aggressive campaign to elect all of our candidates in 2014,” stated DPNM Chairman Sam Bregman.

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Turnout exceeded expectations and is an indication of strong progressive support for Ms. Gibson and for allowing women and their families to make private, health care choices free of government interference.

“Tonight was a great win for Albuquerque and for all New Mexico Democrats,” added Chairman Bregman.