DPNM Chairman Sam Bregman’s Response-2013 Mayor Berry “State of City” Address

The challenges facing Albuquerque are the same ones that the city has faced during Mayor Berry’s first 4 years—lack of good paying jobs, the need to sustain a healthy quality of life for all residents and ensuring our kids have a world class education.

Mayor Berry presents a rosy, feel good picture of Albuquerque in his annual address. I don’t know what city he is referring to. Sluggish job growth continues in this Albuquerque for low wage jobs as people continue to flee the city in search of good paying jobs that will feed their families. He “pledges” to make public safety a priority and then slashes the number of fire and police officers that patrol city streets in this Albuquerque.

Democrats support smart economic development that will bring good paying jobs to this Albuquerque and that will ensure all residents have safe streets, personal safety and a good education and future for their kids.

That’s what building the future is all about.

REMINDER: Vote for Diane Gibson and no on the abortion initiative. Election Day is TOMORROW. Click on this link for voting locations.