MSNBC Reports on the Albuquerque Municipal Referendum

Irin Carmon of MSNBC reports on the referendum, placed on the Tuesday, November 19 Albuquerque Municipal election that targets a women’s right to choose in New Mexico’s largest city. The referendum has drawn national attention between those who believe that the right to choice is a matter between women and their doctor, and those who would roll back the rights of women.

As the report notes, right wing groups from outside of New Mexico, including one that has bused in canvassers from Kansas, have targeted Albuquerque, as the first of several communities nationally who face similar referendums. The report also notes that Albuquerque has become a refuge for women from throughout our region, who have few options in their own states.

The Democratic Party of Mexico stands with the rights of women, here in New Mexico and nationally. Early voting is underway right now.

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