Do-Nothing Tea Party Republican Janice Arnold-Jones Desperate To Win SOMETHING

After failing in her run for Governor and then losing her next race for Congress, Janice Arnold Jones is desperate to win something. Why? She has never accomplished one thing in elected office and now is trying to mislead voters in Council District 7 to believe that she has an idea, a vision or even one suggestion to help city residents.

Janice Arnold-Jones

Janice Arnold-Jones

The Tea Party was trounced in elections throughout the country this week, with voters saying no to blowing up the economy and no to shutting down the government that cost the economy $24 billion dollars. Janice Arnold-Jones continues to stubbornly support the Tea Party and their extremist agenda, ignoring the message American voters keep sending. Why? It has become clear that though she is unfit to hold office, she desperately needs to win something to advance her do-nothing, Tea Party agenda. (The ABQ Tea Party has rushed to her defense, even as they keep reminding us they don’t endorse candidates.)

We have to stop her and the self-destructive Tea Party NOW.

Can you donate $10, 25, or $50 today to help us defeat Janice Arnold-Jones and Tea Party extremists?

Diane Gibson is a strong Democrat and the only candidate that supports working class men and women, is pro-choice and has accepted public financing.

Diane supports core Democratic values and will make an outstanding member of the Albuquerque City Council.

Why would anyone vote for Janice Arnold-Jones and Tea Party extremism?

DPNM is building the future, one day and one election at a time.

Vote for Diane Gibson and say yes to the future.