Tea Party Republican Steve Pearce Continues to Hurt New Mexicans

Just when you think he couldn’t do anything more self-serving and pompous, Congressman Steve Pearce decides to “pen” a memoir. “Just Fly the Plane, Stupid!” is the eye catching title the wealthy multimillionaire Congressman decided upon.

As always, there’s plenty of leisure time to work on books, increase your wealth, and charge taxpayers over $19,000 for one plane ticket while voting no on everything that might help your constituents, who struggle to make ends meet and worry about getting through one more day.

Recent Steve Pearce “accomplishments” for the 2nd Congressional District:

  • succeeded in shutting down the US government and almost blowing up the national economy. Cost to economy: over $24 billion dollars.
  • voted against SNAP food stamp program, which 500,000 New Mexicans depend upon. As of Nov. 1 these New Mexicans have less food on the table.
  • continues to blame the poor and middle class for being poor by promoting bills to drug test everyone that receives unemployment benefits and food stamps.
  • voted against fraud protections in seniors and veterans pensions, 401(K) and retirement savings accounts

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Steve Pearce has long been one of the worst members of the US House of Representatives and has long been a national embarrassment to New Mexico. “Kooks are in charge of our government. You all can recognize a kook, but the media seems to not understand….” Congressman Steve Pearce

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