Tea Party ‘Do Nothing’ Republican Janice Arnold-Jones Supports Voter Suppression Efforts In Albuquerque

Failed congressional tea party candidate Janice Arnold-Jones had a chance to increase voter turnout for the November 19th election by allowing an additional voting center at UNM. Once again, she voted in lockstep with the City Council’s Republican majority voting NO. At the same time, she supports allowing mega-churches to have voting centers, again blurring the line between church and state.

Janice Arnold-Jones

Janice Arnold-Jones

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. She has spent her entire political career voting NO on everything and doing absolutely nothing.

Not one thing.

Republicans seem to have trouble with anyone other than Republicans who want to vote. In state after state Republican Governors and state legislatures have introduced and passed countless bills to discourage voting registration and to suppress voter turnout. Why? Because their small base of support would lose every competitive election.

Can you donate $25, $50, or $100 today to help us get Diane Gibson supporters out to vote so that we can win this election?

Janice Arnold-Jones fits right in with the Martinez-McCleskey playbook which seeks to throw up continuing obstacles to discourage and decrease legal voting. Ms. Arnold-Jones’s vote last week demonstrates her support of Republican efforts to suppress voting and clearly disqualifies her from elected office.

Why would anyone trust or vote for Janice Arnold-Jones?

Democrat Diane Gibson is the clear choice for City Council District 7. Diane’s working class background and pro-choice support for women’s health care decisions, as well as being the only candidate that has accepted public financing, make her the only candidate to represent District 7 on the Albuquerque City Council.

On November 19, vote for Diane Gibson.

She’s ready to build the future.