Previewing Steve Pearce’s Forthcoming Book: A Title Worth $20K

For his forthcoming book, Congressman Steve Pearce has landed on a $20,000 title.

Congressman Steve Pearce’s memoir – “Just Fly the Plane, Stupid!” – will come out this fall, amid reports that Congressman Pearce spent $20,000 in taxpayer funds on a single plane ticket for himself.

The “sneak peek” for the book offers no insight into Congressman Pearce’s extravagant use of taxpayer-funded travel, but readers are hopeful they’ll be able to get answers to the following questions:

  • Pearce_TitleCongressman Pearce spent $20,000 on a plane ticket to Egypt, even when comparable tickets go for about $2,000. What did he get for such an expensive ticket?
  • Congressman Pearce refuses to reimburse taxpayers for his extravagance. Will Congressman Pearce reconsider his decision not to refund taxpayers for the expense?
  • When a Congressman takes an international flight at taxpayer expense, a committee chair must first request permission for the trip from the Speaker of the House; who did Congressman Pearce ask permission?
  • What did the committee chair think the purpose of the Egypt trip was?


“Pearce Took $19,525 Flight to Egypt.” “When it comes to the cost of a taxpayer-funded international trip, how much might be too much? Rep. Steve Pearce, R-N.M., booked a $19,525 flight to Egypt last November, paid for by taxpayers, to visit members of the New Mexico National Guard, according to U.S. House foreign travel reports. Asked how the expense fits with the southern New Mexico Republican’s frequent criticism of reckless government spending, Pearce’s staff said the trip was a worthy expenditure.” [Albuquerque Journal,  6/29/13]

“Questions Arise About Pearce Trip to Egypt.” “An online petition calls on New Mexico Congressman Steve Pearce to refund nearly $20,000 for airfare the federal government spent on him to take a 1-day trip to Egypt. Pearce traveled in November 2012 from Lubbock, TX to Cairo where he then flew on military helicopters to meet with New Mexico Guard members. […] Congressional travel records indicate the State Department paid $19,918 for Pearce to travel in business class alone and meet with the troops for one day.” [KOB Eyewitness News 47/01/13]

Pearce Said He “Absolutely Will Not” Refund the Travel Expenses.” Rep. Steve Pearce defended spending the money on the flight saying the U.S. State Department made all of the travel arrangements and said he “absolutely will not” refund the travel expenses. [KOB Eyewitness News 47/01/13]