Governor Martinez Chooses ‘Tea Party’ Over New Mexicans

The recent government shutdown in Washington was a devastating blow to our nation’s economy as well as to the state of New Mexico. Tea Party Republicans bear sole responsibility. What did Governor Martinez do? Nothing. Not one thing. Except fly in and out of the state begging for contributions to her re-election campaign.

New Mexico remains 50th for the well-being of children, 1st in child hunger and 2nd for adults. Our state needs a “fix-it-now” governor that would convene an immediate summit with top leaders and representatives from both parties, business and government. Not this Governor.

Why won’t she help?

Arrogant, polarizing cabinet secretaries are installed at PED and Human Services with no history, background, or concern for New Mexico. Their mean, un-caring policies and constant lectures to New Mexicans has continued nonstop for almost 3 years.

Can you donate $25, $50, or $100 today to help us defeat Governor Martinez in 2014?

First, it was attack immigrants, then smear non-profit behavioral health providers and the last few weeks their target has been teachers and public schools. Is there anything or anyone they won’t attack or smear?

Governor Martinez and ‘shadow governor’ McCleskey look for new ways to divide New Mexicans to change the subject from their failed policies that have not created one, single job in 34 months. New Mexicans are worse off than ever before.

Their actions demonstrate a total disregard for children, working class men and women and anyone not affiliated with the Republican Party.

We can do better. Join DPNM and help us build a better future for our kids.

Right now.