Thoughts From Sam: Standing Up for the American Dream

The Democratic Party is the oldest and strongest political party in the world. Why? Because we stand up and support working men and women, civil rights and equal rights for all, good paying jobs, a healthy environment and a belief that everyone deserves their slice of the American dream.

Election 2014 is almost 13 months away, which is an eternity in politics. We have strong candidates for statewide offices in 2014 and to oppose Steve Pearce in CD 2.

  • DPNM Fundraising is up 43% from the same period in 2011
  • 4 out of 5 members of our congressional delegation are Democrats
  • Democrats control both houses of the NM legislature
  • 4 out of 6 statewide offices are held by Democrats

As your chairman, I have undertaken efforts to make sure we are more visible and more responsible to all New Mexico Democrats. Increased fundraising, a new website, stronger relationships with unions, teachers, Native Americans and immigrant rights organizations are just the beginning of our efforts to make DPNM the best Democratic state party in the U.S.

Remember, President Obama won New Mexico each time with a comfortable margin and voters have consistently supported our policies and vision for the future in every election. However, we take nothing for granted and will continue to build a strong precinct organization in all 33 counties to ensure that Democrats and Independents understand our goals and policies.

DPNM remains strong, determined and ready to continue offering common sense solutions to our most urgent problems.

We’re building the future, every day, right now.