Janice Arnold-Jones is a Do-Nothing Tea Party Republican—Democrat Diane Gibson Needs Our Help

Failed congressional candidate Janice Arnold-Jones is trying to hide the truth from voters—she is a do-nothing, tea party Republican trying to win a 4 year term on the Albuquerque City Council on November 19.

Janice Arnold-Jones

Janice Arnold-Jones

From the NM GOP: “Sam Bregman should be embarrassed by his appalling attempts to smear Janice Arnold-Jones in the District 7…. Janice Arnold-Jones—‘Lady Sunlight’—brought accountability and transparency to the legislative process using a webcam. Additionally, she is the reason legislation can be pre-filed in December.”

‘Lady Sunlight’? Really?

New Mexico ranks 50th in the well-being of children, 1st in child hunger and 2nd for adults. We can’t afford to let Janice Arnold-Jones do to Albuquerque what her tea party friends did to our country in Washington.

Can you donate $25, $50, or $100 today to help us get Diane Gibson supporters out to vote so that we can win this election?

One thing is crystal clear: Diane Gibson is the most qualified candidate in this race and is ready to help end the jobs crisis in Albuquerque, supports working class men and women and is the only candidate to accept public financing. Contrast that with a do-nothing, tea party Republican that votes no on everything and supports the extremist, take-no-prisoners platform of the disgraced tea party.

We are trying to raise $5,000 in the next week to reach voters and get them out to early vote as well as to vote on election day. Please help us by contributing whatever you can spare today.

Help us elect Diane Gibson, District 7 on November 19th. She is ready to build the future.