New Mexicans Reject Congressman Pearce’s Government Shutdown

Three weeks after Congressman Steve Pearce’s government shutdown began and just a few days after he tried to stop it from ending, New Mexico has rendered its verdict: Congressman Pearce’s reckless and irresponsible support for the shutdown—beginning over the summer and lasting to the very end of this crisis—was dead wrong.

Congressman Pearce chose the Tea Party’s agenda over the good of New Mexico and the country, and people know it.

See the headlines and TV clips for yourself.

  • New Mexico Telegram: “Steve Pearce said he would vote against a so-called ‘clean’ bill to fund the government and end the shutdown that has directly impacted hundreds of thousands of Americans.” [New Mexico Telegram10/01/13]
  • Carlsbad Current-Argus Editorial: “Pearce Among Those to Blame for Shutdown.”[Current-Argus10/04/13]
  • Carlsbad Current-Argus: “This is a last-ditch effort by Pearce and other House Republicans to force changes to existing law that they could not accomplish through the legislative process, through the judicial process or through the election process.” [Current-Argus10/04/13]
  • TV Clip: “New Mexico’s democratic lawmakers wrote a letter to the Department of Energy urging the secretary to ensure compensation for furloughed workers at the labs. So far there’s been no response from our only republican lawmaker in congress-representative Steve Pearce.” [KOAT ABC 710/09/13]
  • TV Clip: “Congressman Steve Pearce offered this suggestion on his Facebook page—telling the thousands of furloughed workers in New Mexico to take out loans to pay their bills writing ‘financial institutions often offer short term loans and other resources, don’t wait till you are behind on a bill.’” [KOAT ABC 710/15/13]