Another Week of Devastating Polling Hits Republicans

CNN’s newly released poll shows the lasting damage the #GOPShutdown and the Republican Congress’s dysfunction and extreme policies have done. Democrats have taken a significant lead in the generic Congressional ballot, and voters want to oust Republicans in Congress because they’ve done harm to the country and are far too extreme.

  • Democrats lead the generic congressional ballot by 8 points (50 percent to 42 percent)—with voters over 50, this lead grows to 11 points.
  • Three quarters (75 percent) of voters say that most Congressional Republicans don’t deserve to be reelected—and that number grows to 79 percent among Independents.
  • A majority (54 percent) say that it’s a bad thing for the country that Republicans control the House of Representatives—this is up 11 points since December.
  • 63 percent think Speaker Boehner should be replaced—including half of Republicans
  • By 19 points, most Americans (56 percent to 37 percent) say the Republican Party is too extreme—by contrast, a majority (52 percent) think that the Democratic Party is “generally mainstream”

The new CNN polling confirms what NBC/WSJGallupPewPPPQuinnipiac and even Rasmussen showed last week.