Janice Arnold-Jones Served in the NM Legislature for 10 years: What did she do?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Failed congressional candidate and Tea Party Republican Janice Arnold-Jones wants to be elected to the Albuquerque City Council for a four year term. Why? Like Congressman Steve Pearce, she lectures everyone about their personal beliefs and then does nothing.

Janice Arnold-Jones

Janice Arnold-Jones

Ms. Arnold-Jones has no ideas, no vision and wasted 10 years in the NM legislature, accomplishing absolutely nothing. Now, she reinvents herself and embraces tea party extremists in a desperate bid to win a four year term in another legislative body so she can vote no on everything and do nothing.


  • Voted against better funding of schools and better pay for teachers
  • Supported elimination of the Department of Education
  • Voted against funding pre-kindergarten education
  • Seeks to outlaw freedom of choice for women in making their own health care decisions
  • Openly supports tea party and their extremist platform to shut down government

Fortunately, residents in District 7 have a choice: Democrat Diane Gibson. Diane has a working class background, ideas and vision to help solve the jobs crisis as well as being the only candidate to accept public financing.

Given this choice, why would anyone trust or vote for Janice Arnold-Jones?

Vote for Diane Gibson on November 19th and help us build the future.