Devastating: Congressman Pearce’s Shutdown

The Republicans’ government shutdown has been devastating for New Mexico. Forbes compiled a list of the states most negatively impacted by the GOP shutdown and New Mexico came in at number seven. Among the hardest hit, southern New Mexico’s White Sands Missile Range where 2700 civilian employees were furloughed; thousands of workers at NASA’s Johnson Space Center and the Sandia and Los Alamos Labs were laid off work. 754 of BLM’s 817 employees were furloughed.

Veterans services were effected. Our National Parks closed. FEMA was forced to pack up and leave the state at a time when New Mexico is still recovering from the economic impact of massive flooding.

And what is Congressman Steve Pearce doing about it? Pearce told furloughed workers to take out loans to pay their bills.

Steve Pearce was the only New Mexico representative to vote to throw the United States into default.

If Steve Pearce won’t even stand up for New Mexico jobs, what will he ignore next?

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