Janice Arnold-Jones: Another Anti-Choice, Tea Party Republican Hiding Views From Voters

Former state rep and failed congressional candidate Janice Arnold-Jones, is attempting to win election to the Albuquerque City Council, desperately trying to hide her extreme tea party views. No wonder. The tea party is responsible for the government shutdown and is doing all they can to destroy the US economy. Why would an appointed, elected official support an extremist, polarizing organization?

A recent rant from the Albuquerque Tea Party:

“Forty years ago the sexual revolution allowed us to throw off the restraints of the responsibility of commitment. Make no mistake, all that opened the door to the extreme homosexual behavior we see today. Just look at the consequences. Abortion, rampant std’s, AIDS, fatherless children, abused children, rape, pornography, divorce…..”

Really? Just yesterday, Mayor Berry while attending a business luncheon wasted no time politicizing the event while shamelessly pushing the candidacy of Tea Party Republican Janice Arnold-Jones. In addition, Arnold-Jones employed a local coordinator of the Albuquerque Tea Party as a paid communications consultant while running for Congress in 2012. Enough—she must be defeated.

Fortunately, Diane Gibson is also running for the city council from District 7 and is the only pro-choice candidate running on November 19th.

Can you donate $10, $20, or $30 today to help elect Diane Gibson?

If unable to contribute, please consider volunteering your time and talent in helping elect Diane to the Albuquerque City Council. Click on this link or call Michelle Mares-505-830-3650. Michelle.mares@nmdemocrats.org

This election gives Democrats a chance to gain a majority on the city council and the opportunity to address the jobs crisis while putting forth a vision for all residents of Albuquerque. Diane Gibson needs our help and our vote.

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