Congressman Steve Pearce Continues To Ignore Constituents—Tells Federal Workers ‘Take Out A Loan’

Reckless action hurts New Mexicans and threatens serious damage to state’s economy

The government shutdown enters week 3 and in a few days the debt ceiling deadline arrives. Tea Party Rep. Steve Pearce continues to push the country to the edge of the cliff, saying ‘faster.’

pearce_adviceOnce again Congressman Pearce has failed to step up and represent his constituents. Why hasn’t he resigned? He stubbornly refuses to repay the 19k+ air ticket he charged taxpayers last year for his post-election junket. When is he going to pay back this money?

Congressman Pearce is the 46th wealthiest Member of Congress, worth millions. He says ‘no’ to everything while voting to shut down government services that help and provide assistance to his constituents.

An excerpt from the Carlsbad Current-Argus:

“The only question now is how much damage will be done to our local and national economies before Pearce and other House Republicans come to that realization.”

Even conservative newspapers in the 2nd Congressional District know what’s at stake since out-of-touch Steve Pearce clearly does not.

Now border security is at risk, joining all federal agencies that are enduring forced cut backs every day, thanks to Congressman Steve Pearce. And if you are a furloughed federal employee, his advice is call your bank and consider a ‘short term loan.’

Had enough? DPNM has two candidates running to send Mr. Pearce into permanent retirement, since he accomplishes nothing and refuses to help his constituents.

Democrats are ready to build the future with bold, common sense ideas that include opening the government and paying our bills.

Join us—today.