Ordinary People Weigh in on the Tea Party Shutdown

It’s been two weeks since the House Republicans caved in to the extremist demands of the Tea Party. Two weeks of another manufactured crisis by the GOP, putting the economic well being of ordinary Americans at risk; two weeks of jeopardizing the health and safety of all of us. Two weeks of undermining the middle class.

Republicans in Congress are so focused on following the Tea Party in undermining President Obama and cutting off access to affordable health care by working Americans that they are willing to risk the economic well being of the US and world economies unless they get exactly what they want. The GOP plan to either shut down the government or default on the US government’s obligations is reckless and would be disastrous for the American people.

If you’re fed up, you’re not alone. Watch this video to see what these people think about the Tea Party shutdown. Then tell the Republicans in Congress, enough already! Tell John Boehner to hold a vote. Americans want Congress to do its job.