Dems Celebrate Victories in Albuquerque City Council Races

Albuquerque Democrats and independents rallied for Dem City Council candidates in yesterday’s municipal elections. Democratic incumbents Isaac Benton and Ken Sanchez were easily re-elected will be joined by Democrat Klarissa Pena. DPNM offers special thanks to Eloise Gift as well as Lovie McGee, who took the fight to Mayor Berry’s home district.

In District 7, Democrat Diane Gibson will face incumbent Janice Arnold-Jones in a runoff election on November 19th. Democrats have a good chance to elect Ms. Gibson and reclaim a majority on the City Council. These victories are a testament to local grass roots organizing from organized labor and progressive forces in Albuquerque.

While unsuccessful in the mayoral race, Democrats are well positioned to elect a legislative majority and help develop progressive, common sense solutions to the jobs crisis as well as offer a plan and vision for the future.
In addition, Albuquerque voters will be asked to vote on an anti-choice abortion initiative the same day, November 19th. New Mexico Republicans like Janice Arnold-Jones share different views and different philosophies that think government should impose these extreme views as a matter of law. They want to use government to force their personal views on anyone and everyone, even using criminal prosecution against women to enforce these anti-family laws.

We won’t let them stop women and their families from making personal health care choices.

We need your help and support to defeat this restrictive, anti-women’s initiative and to elect Diane Gibson to the City Council.

The work goes on and the fight continues. We’re building the future—for you.