Thoughts from Sam—The Republican Shutdown


Why are Republicans trying to blow up the economy and cause hurt and despair to New Mexicans? Where is one shred of leadership from Congressman Steve Pearce and Governor Susana Martinez? Neither one of these Republican “leaders” has the guts or courage to stand up and say ‘enough–our people are hurting and we were elected to help.’

“It is unbelievable that an elected Member of Congress would selfishly support and condone the shutdown of the US Government. He has the nerve to cut off government services to New Mexicans while still refusing to pay back taxpayers the $19,000+ plane ticket he charged taxpayers last November. This is an outrage, even for him,” commented DPNM Chairman Sam Bregman. “Governor Martinez, once again AWOL on helping New Mexicans, proves that her future national political career is more important than speaking up for her constituents.”

Item: Governor Martinez appoints inept, out-of-state cabinet secretaries to oversee Human Services and Public Education. They dismantle and privatize anything that works and helps state residents, in their zeal to slash and diminish public services. These individuals are a disgrace and need to apologize to all New Mexicans for their cruel and uncaring actions, then resign.

Item: Mayor Berry, with Tea Party support and a clueless Republican city council have stood by while city residents and businesses have moved out and gone bankrupt. Pete Dinelli and Democratic candidates offer ideas and a vision for the future. Pete’s ambitious and forward looking plan can be found here:

The Democratic Party of New Mexico is committed to building a future of ideas, vision and hope. Tomorrow, October 8th voters are being given a choice between “it’s your fault and good luck” and our view: “we’re all in this together. Let’s get to work. Now.”

Vote for Pete Dinelli and a Democratic City Council