How’s it Playing in Peoria? Editorials Across the Nation Denounce the Republicans’ Shutdown

Editorials across the country are slamming House Speaker John Boehner and his House Republicans for their reckless action of bending to the demands of the Tea Party, irresponsibly shutting down government, and jeopardizing the economy– all so they can give insurance companies free rein over our health care, including a return to high premium rates and the denial of coverage, just to prevent 41 million Americans from gaining access to affordable insurance.

How is the Republicans’ shutdown playing in Peoria? The Peoria Journal Star writes:

“We believe that a clean continuing spending resolution — to fund the national parks so that veterans on an Honor Flight can see the World War II memorial before they die, to ensure people who need food stamps get them, etc. – would pass the House, as it has the Senate, if Speaker Boehner would just call that vote. Until that happens, he, his chamber and his Republicans own this shutdown, no matter what talking points they’ve adopted to try to deflect the blame for triggering yet another unnecessary crisis.

“If Americans can’t be allowed this simple vote, well, the inescapable conclusion is that these members of Congress aren’t serious about doing their jobs, in which case the honorable thing to do would be to resign to make room for others who are interested in governing.” Peoria Journal Star “Our View: Do Job, Keep it Simple” [October 2, 2013]

The Republicans’ shutdown isn’t playing in Peoria, or anywhere else, for that matter. From coast to coast the nation’s editorial boards, in every region of the country, from Anniston, Alabama to Seattle, Washington; from Concord, New Hampshire to Los Angeles, California and everywhere in between, have said to House Republicans, enough already!

Take a look at the headlines for yourself:

  • The GOP’s opportunities — Whole country may pay the price for Republicans’ brinkmanship [Anniston Star9/30/13]