Is There Any Thing Mayor Berry Won’t Do To Stay In Office?

Mayor lashes out—desperate to show any accomplishment after 4 failed years

The largest and most productive city in New Mexico has experienced the loss of thousands of residents, zero job creation, fire and police budgets slashed year after year and a lack of ideas or vision for the future. If any of us performed this poorly in our own jobs, we would be told to resign or be fired.

Republican Mayor Richard Berry, aided by a majority Republican city council, has pretended to lead and govern the city of Albuquerque, ignoring the jobs crisis, record real estate vacancies and being satisfied that there are 6000 homeless kids attending public schools in Albuquerque. Voters elect men and women to elected office to lead as well as have the guts to make tough decisions that will help solve the problems that affect our neighborhoods and communities.

In recent days Mayor Berry has taken to lashing out at his Democratic opponent, going so far as say that he shouldn’t be running because “he doesn’t believe in our city.” Say what? This from a man that believes in nothing unless he’s given a script by his ‘shadow’ political consultant.

Albuquerque can do better and Pete Dinelli is the candidate that can and will make a difference. His priorities are job creation, full funding of fire and police services and the drive and energy to restore hope for a better future to city residents.

There’s one choice on October 8—Pete Dinelli. We’re building the future.

Right now.