Governor Martinez Ignores Hunger and Children in New Mexico

Key Martinez cabinet secretaries ‘out of control’ and
disinterested in New Mexico families

Governor Martinez wasted no time appointing two out-of-state Republican hacks that had no background or understanding of New Mexico to agencies responsible for children and families.  Hanna Skandera and Sidonie Squier, both mediocre and poor candidates for any position, with no experience or understanding of New Mexico, were put in charge of Public Education and Human Services. Their arrogant, “I know best” attitude has contributed to a lack of progress and lack of hope that thousands of New Mexico families are facing each day.  Now, we have a situation with the out-of-control Children, Youth and Families Department that is placing children in constant danger.

A few days ago, an audit completed by the Legislative Finance Committee discovered three registered sex offenders living in homes that served as state registered child care centers.  CYFD has no idea how many other sex offenders are living in registered homes because there is no oversight or control.

HSD Secretary Squier, self-described expert on hunger and everything else in New Mexico, stated a few days ago “Since there has never been and is not now any significant evidence of hunger in New Mexico…” and warning that the state “can’t just expand every government food program in existence.”  Meanwhile, national studies continue to rank New Mexico first in child hunger and second for adult hunger.

Children placed in dangerous situations and out of control cabinet secretaries denying that hunger exists or even a problem—why hasn’t Governor Martinez stepped in, fixed the problem and said ‘you’re fired’?  Why won’t she do her job?

Smiley photo-ops and reading books to kids, racing around here and there, always ready with a canned quip, constitute the only response NM families will ever receive from Governor Martinez.  Human service agencies like HSD, CYFD and PED trudge along with key positions left unfilled, budgets constantly reduced and incompetent hacks left in charge.

Governor Martinez: if families and children are not priorities, what is?