Keeping Us Safe—Pete Dinelli for Mayor

Leadership with a plan and vision for the future

Jobs and crime-the two issues that matter most to the citizens of Albuquerque and the two biggest failures for Mayor Berry.  Thousands of city residents have moved out of Albuquerque and New Mexico with the city being named the fourth worst place in the country for jobs.  The US Department of Justice is investigating the Albuquerque Police Department for civil rights violations, which Mayor Berry dismisses as no big deal. We don’t have leadership in Albuquerque and the current Mayor insults all residents when he smiles, says everything is okay and pleads for another 4 years.  4 years to do what?  Chase more people away and decrease public services so that there are less police to tackle crime and less firefighters to fight fires?

Public safety in the police and fire departments has been relegated to a low priority in budgets for the departments.  In addition there have been constant, ongoing efforts to undermine, discredit and dismiss the unions that represent the men and women that put their lives on the line for us, every day.  Meanwhile, Mayor Berry shuffles along pledging more of the same disastrous policies that have driven thousands away and given families no hope for the future.

Pete Dinelli has served as Director of Public Safety and understands the connection between the lack of jobs and an increase in crime.  Three years ago, APD had 1,100 officers and now we have just 800 with only 435 patrolling. Amateur hour with Mayor Berry is over—it’s time for proven leadership.

Mayor Berry has wasted 4 years doing absolutely nothing.  It’s time to build the future for our families and our kids.

Vote Pete Dinelli on October 8.