‘This is Insanity’ With Government Shutdown Looming DCCC Launches Facebook Campaign

With House Republicans hurtling the country toward a government shutdown, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced it is launching “This Is Insanity,” a paid Facebook campaign to urge New Mexico Congressman Steve Pearce and 26 other House Republicans not to shut down the government in order to pad health insurance companies’ profits. The DCCC’s Facebook campaign will engage young voters all over the country to sign petitions to tell their Steve Pearce to stop playing political games with our economy and focus on commonsense solutions that protect our health care and grow our economy. 

Steve Pearce and House Republicans voted on Friday to give in to demands by the Tea Party and Texas Senator Ted Cruz to shut down the U.S. government, all so that they can take away critical patient protections and give insurance companies free rein to raise health care costs.

“Even Karl Rove and John McCain think a shutdown is a terrible idea, but House Republicans keep hurtling our economy closer to a shutdown, all so they can help health insurance companies pad their profits,” said Emily Bittner of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “House Republicans are doubling down on their insane priorities, by jeopardizing military pay and seniors’ Social Security checks – all so insurance companies have free rein over our health care decisions. Young voters are fed up and frustrated with the broken Republican Congress more than ever, and we will give them another way to get engaged in stopping the insanity that could devastate our economy.”