Shutdown & Default: The Politics Of The Right

Republicans in Congress are so focused on following the Tea Party in undermining President Obama and his health care law that they are willing to risk the economic well being of the US and world economies unless they get exactly what they want. The GOP plan to either shut down the government or default on the US government’s obligations is reckless and would be disastrous for the American people.

“Americans know that the GOP’s plans to shut down the government or default would hurt the US and world economy. We saw what happened when Republican brinkmanship triggered government shutdowns in 1995 and 1996 and how the Republicans’ recklessness in 2011 triggered the first credit downgrade in US history,” said DNC Press Secretary Michael Czin. “It’s high time that Republicans end their brinkmanship, and join with the President and Democrats in Congress to pass a budget that helps put people to work, grows our economy and strengthens the middle class.”

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