DPNM Chairman Sam Bregman “Welcomes” AZ Governor Jan Brewer to New Mexico

NM Republican Party invites anti-immigrant,
polarizing Governor to Albuquerque

As Chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico (DPNM) I want to extend a ‘special welcome’ to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer as she begins her visit to Albuquerque as the star attraction for the NM State Republican Party Fall Bosque BBQ Fundraiser.

120126_obama_brewer_ap_605The first question is to ask Mayor Berry and Governor Martinez why they invited Governor Brewer to Albuquerque in the first place.  Her mean spirited record against minorities, especially Latinos and immigrants is one that should cause anger, outrage and embarrassment, even among Republicans.

New Mexico Republicans are asking for $150 per person for a BBQ with the most mean spirited, anti-immigrant Governor in the country. I’m not asking for that, all I’m asking is that you donate the price of a cup of coffee – $5, $10 so that we have the resources to stand up and speak out against mean spirited, prejudiced Republicans and their policies.


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Governor Brewer’s key accomplishments:

HB 2305:  Make it a crime for volunteer groups to help elderly, homebound, disabled and economically disadvantaged voters get their early voting ballots to the polls.

SB 1070:  seeks to legalize racial profiling against undocumented immigrants, which she enthusiastically

And her most recent accomplishment:

Spite and fear appear to have caused Gov. Jan Brewer to expand her policy of denying driver’s licenses beyond the young “dreamers” who were granted deferred action from deportation by President Obama to include all people in Arizona with deferred status.

Why was Jan Brewer invited to Albuquerque by New Mexico Republicans? 

Do they condone the policies of the most prejudiced, vindictive, spiteful Governor in the country?

Click on this link and give $5, $10 to help us stand up against these mean spirited policies.

The DPNM is building the future.  Our problems can only be solved when we listen and respect all individuals and their families, all of the time.

Help New Mexico Democrats build a future that is inclusive and welcoming to all.

Right now.