Pete Dinelli—Leadership for Albuquerque

Mayor Berry and City Clerk unleash voter suppression efforts.

Election Day is October 8 and voting accessibility is one of the defining issues for leadership in Albuquerque. Democrats have always believed that municipal and state government should do all possible to provide easy access for city and state residents to vote.

Mayor Berry wasted no time in appointing a Republican as City Clerk, who in turn has decided to limit voting locations in some areas while ensuring plenty of locations in Republican trending locations. Error? Mistake?

Hardly. Failed leadership. Why are there no early voting sites in the south Broadway area? Why are there no sites south of downtown?

The answer is clear: discourage Democratic voters and make the process as difficult and complicated as possible.

Mayor Berry’s Republican City Clerk continued her voter suppression efforts while picking voting locations for the October 8th election. She made sure at least 4 mega-church locations were listed as voting centers, giving non-Christians and anyone uncomfortable entering a church, zero choice if they want to vote. Error? Mistake?

Nope. More failed leadership, handed down to partisan hacks that care little for voting access or have any care/concern for anything but their job.

Pete Dinelli is a tried and trusted leader that has the background and experience to include everyone at the table as well as a plan and vision for the future.

Dinelli—strong leadership to move, invest and energize Albuquerque. He’s ready to help build the future.