Mayor Berry and New Mexico Republicans: No Jobs, No Plan, No Vision

There is only one candidate running for Mayor of Albuquerque that has offered a plan and vision for the future.  That candidate is Democrat Pete Dinelli.

Unlike the do-nothing, failed leadership of Mayor Berry, Pete Dinelli is ready to put forward his plan to create jobs and move Albuquerque forward.  Moving Albuquerque forward means bringing everyone to the table, not just Mayor Berry’s campaign contributors.

On Saturday, Mayor Berry gives the welcome address to the NM State Republican Party; next up it’s time to smile and greet Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, invited by Governor Martinez to a high dollar “Fall Bosque BBQ Fundraiser” in Albuquerque on September 27. Gov. Brewer is the most prejudiced, anti-immigrant Governor in the United States—does Mayor Berry ever draw the line and just say no?  Appear with and welcome Jan Brewer?  In Albuquerque? 

As a strong Democrat, Mr. Dinelli supports immigration reform, organized labor, women, Native Americans, Latinos and is a strong champion of marriage equality and protecting a woman’s ability to make private medical decisions with her family and doctor.  For Democrats, there is only one choice on October 8—Pete Dinelli.

DPNM endorses and supports Pete Dinelli for Mayor, working non-stop for his election. “The Democratic Party of New Mexico continues working hard for Pete’s election.  There are 3 weeks until Election Day and all of our efforts to ensure his election as the next Mayor of Albuquerque will continue,” stated DPNM Chairman Sam Bregman.  “Please step up and volunteer your time, talent and energy to elect the only candidate with a plan and vision for the future.”

Early voting has begun and Election Day is Tuesday, October 8.