Obamacare—Good News for Seniors and Older Americans

If you are a senior citizen the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare’ is good for you too. Some of the health care reforms are already working for you. For example, if you fall into the Medicare “donut hole,” the costs of prescription medicines have already been reduced. By 2020 the “donut hole” will be completely eliminated.

  • Medicare coverage is protected: Under the health care law, your existing Medicare-covered benefits won’t be reduced or taken away. You don’t have to replace your Medicare coverage with Marketplace coverage. For questions about Medicare, visit Medicare.gov, call 1-800-MEDICARE or TTY: 1-877-486-2048.
  • Save money on drugs: If you’re in the prescription drug “donut hole”, you’ll get more than 50% off when buying Part D-covered brand-name prescription drugs. You save on generics too. The donut hole will be closed completely by 2020.
  • Get more preventive care, for less: Under the health care law, Medicare now covers certain preventive services, like mammograms or colonoscopies, without charging you for the Part B coinsurance or deductible. You also can get a free yearly “Wellness” visit.
  • Get the latest information: Visit the Individuals & Families page at HealthCare.gov and sign up for email updates.

If you’re an older American younger than age 65 and need health care coverage,  the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare,’ is great news for you too.

Starting January 1, 2014, if you already have health insurance coverage, you gain new protections. If you already have health care coverage, keep it. If you don’t have coverage, and your are under 65, or not eligible for Medicare, you can buy insurance in the marketplace.

Whether you’re uninsured, you’ve been denied coverage in the past, or you just want to explore new options, the Health Insurance Marketplace will give you more choice and control over your health coverage. The Marketplace will operate in all states, including here in New Mexico, so no matter where you live you’ll have access to coverage—with more choices, and lower costs—than ever before.

Learn more about the Affordable Care Act, also called ‘Obamacare’

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