NM State Cop That Accompanied Governor Martinez’s Husband On Alligator Hunt Vacation, Resigns Abruptly

More unanswered questions swirl for Governor and husband
regarding taxpayer funded vacation

Governor Martinez, who ran on full transparency in government, has ignored repeated requests to explain why taxpayers should pay security costs for her employed husband who works security and carries a law enforcement badge.  “It’s time that Governor Martinez provide detailed answers on her husband’s vacation and why this state police officer has resigned so abruptly and suddenly,” commented DPNM Chairman Sam Bregman.

This state police officer was one of two state policemen that accompanied Chuck Franco to Louisiana in October 2011 for an alligator hunt vacation.  Records have shown that the two state policemen were paid over $3000 in overtime pay.  Taxpayers have never been reimbursed for the overtime hours.

“Governor Martinez needs to explain to the people of New Mexico the connection between her husband’s taxpayer funded alligator hunt vacation and this unexpected, surprise resignation,” added Chairman Bregman.

“New Mexicans are waiting.”