Whose Side is Republican Mayor Berry On?

GOP Mayor’s Extremism At Odds With ABQ Values

Furthering the theme set forth in Dinelli’s first ad, “Backwards,” this second spot from the Democratic candidate continues to illustrate the extreme and out-of-touch positions of Republican RJ Berry.  This ad uses the words of trusted Democratic figures Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Vice President Biden and President Obama to illustrate that Berry is not on the side of Albuquerque families.  Though the clips show each of these figures speaking to national audiences, the issues they speak about are close the hearts of Albuquerque voters including the minimum wage, women’s health and keeping guns out of the hands of criminals.

“Albuquerque families deserve a Mayor who shares their values and represents their interests.  I’m a Democrat and believe in a woman’s right to choose, that we need to get guns out of the hands of criminals and that the minimum wage we all voted to increase last year is implemented and enforced.  Our Republican Mayor RJ Berry has spent four years working against our best interests and it’s time we had Mayor who’s on our side,” said Dinelli.

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