DPNM Hosts Jobs Forum Monday, September 16

“Dozens laid off without warning”; “ABQ Job losses continue”

“Zero job growth”

The number one issue in New Mexico is jobs, due to the failure of Governor Martinez, Mayor Berry and the Republican controlled ABQ City Council to offer a plan, vision or even one idea to create desperately needed jobs.

According to Governor Martinez and Mayor Berry, who promised to create jobs and increase economic development, everything is okay and if not, it’s your fault. In their world, it’s your fault if you have no job; it’s your fault if you don’t have savings or stocks and investments; it’s your fault if you have no money for college, a house, a car or health insurance. And everything else is the government’s fault.

Fortunately, the real world operates differently. Democrats believe in helping provide the resources so that families can help themselves. Jobs, education and healthcare are all important issues that matter to New Mexico families and matter to the DPNM.

Monday, September 16, the DPNM is hosting a Jobs Forum to engage, question and discuss ideas to make a difference in helping solve New Mexico’s continuing jobs crisis.

Governor Martinez, Mayor Berry and New Mexico Republicans are clueless, indifferent and continue to do absolutely nothing to solve this problem or create jobs.
Democrats are not going to stand by and do nothing.

Join the discussion Monday and help us build the future.