‘New York Times’ features New Mexico, Marriage Equality, Democrats in Article

County Clerk Lynn Ellins at the Doña Ana County Democrats Labor Day Breakfast, September 2

County Clerk Lynn Ellins at the Doña Ana County Democrats Labor Day Breakfast, September 2

In an article published yesterday, the New York Times again made New Mexico’s historic move toward marriage equality a national news story. Featured in the article was Doña Ana County Clerk Lynn Ellins, whose decision on August 21 to issue same-gender licences, began a week in which five more counties joined in issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples.

Also featured in the article, written for the New York Times, by Fernanda Santos and Heath Haussamen, was the Democratic Party of New Mexico:

“The state’s Democratic Party has worked hard to take ownership of the issue, using it to bolster its narrative of New Mexico’s gradual tilt to the left on social issues. In an interview, the party’s chairman, Sam Bregman, noted the lack of protests after clerks began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples in San Miguel County, home to many Roman Catholic Hispanic families, and Valencia County, where evangelical churches have recently multiplied. (The Valencia County clerk, Peggy Carabajal, is the sole Republican among the clerks issuing the licenses. She won her election in 2012 by 26 votes.)

“‘We’re going to prove that the Republican Party here in New Mexico is on the wrong side of history,’ Mr. Bregman said.”

Also on Monday, a big crowd of Democrats and Union members came together at the annual Doña Ana County Democratic Party Labor Day Breakfast to honor working people, and the leadership of organized labor. The breakfast, which is held in Las Cruces every year, also took time to honor County Clerk Lynn Ellins.

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