Emerge New Mexico is Seeking an Executive Director

Emerge New Mexico is seeking an Executive Director.

Emerge New Mexico is the premier training program for Democratic women. Emerge New Mexico recruits, trains and inspires Democratic women to run for public office and win at the local, state, and national levels. Emerge New Mexico was founded in 2006, and is affiliated with Emerge America. Emerge has trained 147 women in New Mexico. One-third of our “Emergistas” have run for office. In 2012 alone, seven Emergistas were elected to public office in New Mexico – 5 legislators, 1 district court judge and 1 Supreme Court Justice, and . Currently, there are Emerge programs in twelve states.

Emerge New Mexico is seeking a highly motivated, talented, and dynamic individual to serve as the Executive Director of Emerge New Mexico. This position will report to the President of the Board of Directors of Emerge New Mexico. Primary responsibilities include: coordinating the training program, fundraising, recruitment of women for the training program, cultivating relationships with key community supporters, providing support to the working committees of the Board, supervising contracts, staff and volunteers, and supporting program members and program alumni.

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For more information about Emerge New Mexico, please see their Website at www.emergenm.org.