‘Rising Star’ Joaquín Castro, Julián Castro, DPNM highlighted in ‘Politico’ Article

Congressman Joaquín Castro, the keynote speaker at the Democratic Party of New Mexico’s ‘Rising Star Dinner,’ and his brother San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro were highlighted in yesterday’s edition of POLITICO, an online publication dedicated to national political news and issues.

The twin brothers, whose life stories drew national attention at the 2012 Democratic National Convention have become leading spokespeople for the Democratic Party nationally since Julián Castro’s keynote address last September, and Joaquín Castro’s election to Congress in November. Democratic strategist Ellen Qualls, who was director of communications for President Obama’s 2012 campaign called the brothers “living embodiments of the American dream.”

Also highlighted in the POLITICO feature was the upcoming DPNM ‘Rising Star’ Dinner, featuring keynote speaker Congressman Joaquín Castro, which will be held at the Hotel Albuquerque on Friday, September 6. New Mexico Democrats, like the rest of the nation, have taken to the story of the two brothers; important examples of what Democrats have accomplished elsewhere, particularly for a state like New Mexico which has seen such poor leadership coming from the governor’s office in Santa Fe since 2010. “People are inspired by them,” notes DPNM Chair Sam Bregman, “They bring hope to people — quite frankly, a lot of people have been hurting over the past four years.”

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