Let’s Build a Better Future for Albuquerque—Elect Pete Dinelli and a Democratic City Council

The choice is crystal clear as the October 8th election gets closer day by day.  Mayor Berry has been a dismal failure, sitting back while New Mexico’s economic hub has lost thousands of residents due to zero jobs and a rising crime rate. Now the Mayor unveils a new fuzzy, feel good TV ad dreamed up by shadow governor Jay McCleskey that tries to show Albuquerque as just another sunny paradise with everything under control.  More like out-of-control, thanks to failed leadership and the same old, tired policies that have caused more residents to pack up and move out every day.

Joining the sorry Mayor is the do-nothing Republican City Council, consistently whining and holding endless meetings about city problems, refusing to offer a plan or vision on anything.  What are they waiting for? More businesses to fail and more residents to move away?

Pete Dinelli offers a difference, with proven leadership skills and a vision for the future.  He is the only pro-choice candidate running for Mayor and stands firmly opposed to Mayor Berry’s right wing agenda that seeks to involve government in personal family decisions.

In order for him to succeed, we need to elect a Democratic city council that will work together as a team to solve the urgent problems affecting Albuquerque—creating jobs, reducing crime and proposing bold ideas and new solutions.  It’s time to have leadership that doesn’t take orders from Governor Martinez , that  understands what hard working middle class families confront each day and that a Mayor’s responsibility is to unite their constituents rather than pitting one group against another.

It’s time to elect a Democratic Mayor and a Democratic City Council that will chart a new direction away from the mess that Mayor Berry and Republican City Councilors have inflicted upon city residents.

Enough is enough.  Democrats are ready, willing and able to create jobs and reduce crime –in Albuquerque and throughout New Mexico.

Building the future is about making life better for our kids and our families.  We’re all in this together.

Right now.