Do-Nothing Governor Martinez Continues Campaign of Arrogance and Hypocrisy

3 years ago while running for Governor of New Mexico, candidate Martinez used any opportunity to blast Democrats and our Governor for each and every problem that affected New Mexicans.  She won the election and for 31 months, has failed to offer a plan or vision that would improve the lives for 2 million+ New Mexicans.

Non-stop smoke and mirrors are on constant display while everything that matters to New Mexican families—jobs, education, healthcare, the drought, open government and the lack of senior qualified individuals to run state government, are ignored and blamed on the past.

Item:  Governor Martinez blames everything wrong on government, conveniently forgetting she has been on the taxpayer’s charge card most if not all of her professional life.  Has she ever not  worked for government?

Item: The Governor seeks out gossip magazines to get fluff pieces on reading books to children and to highlight the personal care she bestows upon her older, disabled sister.  Meanwhile, 30,000+ New Mexican families are pushed under the bus and left stranded in a major health crisis, thanks to her mean spirited and vindictive HSD Secretary.  Education policy is assigned to inexperienced, out-of-state hacks that lack any understanding of New Mexico and its unique culture.

Item:  Allows her husband to go on a secret vacation to Louisiana, sending 2 NM state police officers along that work overtime, charging taxpayers almost $3400.  All of this for a spouse who carries a law enforcement badge and works security.

Item:  Along with all of the other campaign falsehoods and broken promises, this Governor pledged full and open transparency throughout state government. (Unless it’s something that might cause national media queries, jeopardizing her next political office)

Journalist Trip Jennings in a letter to the Governor seeking info on the shutdown of 15 behavioral health centers sums it up: “The political discourse around this issue, as with many political elections and most public debates, is shallow, short on facts and tilted toward scaremongering.”

Arrogance, hypocrisy and tearing down our social fabric belong to Governor Martinez and the Republican Party.

Democrats believe in people and understand that public policies must be designed in a fair and equal manner to lift up and empower all New Mexicans.  As we move towards building the future, our candidates will propose and implement ideas, policies and solutions that will improve lives, not ignore, separate and destroy them.

The work starts now.