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A few days ago, the Republican Party of New Mexico announced the keynote speaker for their fall fundraiser—Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.

Yup, Jan Brewer.

120126_obama_brewer_ap_605Jan Brewer, the champion of SB 1070. SB 1070 made Arizona the first state in the nation to tell their police forces that racial profiling was okay. With the flick of a pen, Jan Brewer turned Arizona from the Grand Canyon State to the show-me-your-papers state.

If that wasn’t bad enough, she is currently embroiled in a lawsuit to deny driver’s licenses to Dreamers who qualify under the President’s Deferred Action.

The contrast between Republicans and Democrats can easily be seen for our upcoming Rising Star Dinner.

Congressman Joaquin Castro, the keynote speaker at our dinner, is a proud second generation Mexican-American who was born in San Antonio, Texas. Congressman Castro has dedicated his life to public service and is one of a core group of outstanding, up and coming Latino leaders in the United States.

Then, there’s The New Mexico Republican Party—their guest speaker is the most racist, anti-immigrant Governor in the country, invited to headline their “big” event in Albuquerque September 27. They don’t get it!

Please join us on Friday, September 6th at Hotel Albuquerque to hear Congressman Castro address the important issues of the day and Democratic solutions to the challenges facing our nation.

Click here for information on attending the dinner.

Even if you cannot attend The Rising Star Dinner, please consider chipping in $5, $10 or whatever amount you can today to help us continue fighting for the equal protection of all people.

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