Steve Pearce Starts 5 Week Vacation Holding Useless, Staged Photo-Ops

Fails to lead on jobs, healthcare, immigration;
Harmful votes display callous disregard for poor and middle class families

pearce-3Congressman Pearce has started a 5 week vacation so he can drive around southern New Mexico hosting useless forums, while handing out smiling photos−of himself. One of his activities is a “women’s forum” in Las Cruces on August 17. That should be an event to remember since Mr. Pearce consistently votes against any bill that would help poor and middle class women.

Recent votes:

  • Wastes tax dollars on meaningless votes to repeal Affordable Care Act, while working to block jobs and immigration reform bills
  • Votes against nutrition support and food stamps for New Mexicans
  • Voted to deport an estimated 800,000 DREAM Act -eligible young people
  • Voted against preserving health-law tax credits for middle and lower income persons

Mr. Pearce tells everyone his 5 week vacation is “work.”


Just like he had to spend $19,525 on 1 business class air ticket that was charged to taxpayer’s, days after his re-election last November. He stubbornly refuses to reimburse taxpayers for this unnecessary and extravagant, wasteful expense. Why not?

During his 5 week vacation, he will be driving aimlessly around the 2nd Congressional District trying to make believe he’s working when he hosts useless forums, inviting people to “share” their thoughts. Then, he takes a picture. It’s all a staged event that means nothing. If you are a radical tea party conservative, he might listen. Before you know it, he’s back on a plane charging taxpayers more money for unnecessary and extravagant travel. The cycle continues while his constituents receive zero assistance or support for themselves, their kids or their families.

Congressman Pearce is one of the worst members of Congress. DPNM is ready to lead the effort in defeating and replacing this tea party radical who befriends big banks and the wealthy at the expense of working class men and women. His future belongs somewhere in the 1950’s and is hurting middle class families throughout his district.

Help us build a better future for all New Mexicans in the 2nd Congressional District.

Starting now.