You Work Hard So Steve Pearce Can Take a Vacation

pearce-3You work hard, so you deserve the same from your Congressman. But did you know Congressman Steve Pearce is on a five-week taxpayer-funded vacation instead of working to create jobs?

Instead, the day before leaving for vacation, Steve Pearce cast more votes against middle class families…

CONGRESSMAN PEARCE VOTES ON ANOTHER MEANINGLESS ATTEMPT−THE 40TH TIME−TO BLOCK THE HEALTH REFORM LAW: Voting 232 for and 185 against, the House on Aug. 2 passed a Republican bill (HR 2009) to strip the Internal Revenue Service of its authority to enforce the 2009 health law’s individual mandate. Under the mandate, most individuals are required to maintain a minimal level of health insurance for themselves and their dependents — through either employer-provided coverage, a policy bought in a state-based exchange, Medicaid, Medicare or some other means. Those not complying are subject to an IRS-enforced financial penalty capped at the cost of the insurance they failed to acquire. The Supreme Court has declared such taxing power constitutional. This bill also bars the Treasury and IRS from collecting other taxes or issuing tax credits under the health law.

A yes vote was to send the bill to the Senate, where it is likely to die.

Yeas: Pearce

Nays: Lujan Grisham, Luján

STEVE PEARCE VOTED AGAINST PRESERVING HEALTH-LAW TAX CREDITS FOR MIDDLE AND LOWER INCOME PERSONS: Voting 186 for and 230 against, the House on Aug. 2 defeated a Democratic bid to keep HR 2009 (above) from eliminating two specific tax credits in the Affordable Care Act. The credits are intended to help middle-class families buy coverage in state insurance exchanges and to assist small businesses in buying coverage for their employees.

A yes vote backed the Democratic motion to protect tax credits for middle income families and small business.

Neas: Pearce

Yeas: Lujan Grisham, Luján

Steve Pearce and the Republicans have no jobs agenda, while special interests get special treatment and no path forward in the fall. Now Steve Pearce begins a 5 week vacation with no solutions or help for the middle class.

Had enough? This August tell Congressman Pearce to get his priorities straight.

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