(More) Lies, Incompetence And Leadership Failures

Let’s recap: Governor Martinez, not satisfied with her miserable failures in jobs, education, the environment, the drought, transparency and leadership took it upon herself to shut down 15 behavioral health providers that serve 30,000+ of New Mexico’s most vulnerable citizens. Allegations of fraud and mismanagement are pronounced daily by her handpicked stooge, Cabinet Secretary Sidonie Squier. Ms. Squier instructs her paid, partisan PR staff to e-mail responses that lie and ignore the real issues, while blaming providers, the media and the legislature for this manufactured crisis. Waiting in the wings, are 5 out-of-state Arizona for-profit-only providers, eagerly anticipating the millions of dollars they can fleece from taxpayers.

A few days ago new information emerged from a former vice-president of Optum Health in New Mexico, who was quoted as saying that the chief executive officers of the suspended providers were targeted “because of their political influence and past ties to Democratic governors. This was a political move coming out of the Governor’s office.” This vindictive, mean-spirited act by
Governor Martinez and her unqualified, incompetent hacks comes as no surprise to New Mexicans that have tried to work with her on issues to improve the lives of the poor and middle class. Ms. Spaulding commented further: “Why all the secrecy? The providers don’t even know what they are accused of doing.”

And neither do the 30,000+ men and women that are being held hostage to Governor Martinez’s hunger for national office, whatever the cost. This scorched earth policy, based on pure vindictiveness, is hurting and destroying all New Mexicans.

We have to stop her now.

There’s some hope–a lifelong Republican woman from southern New Mexico is becoming a Democrat. She and countless other Republican men and women are switching parties because of the arrogance, ineptitude and repeated leadership failures Governor Martinez has forced New Mexicans to endure.

DPNM welcomes you and all Republicans, Independents and worried New Mexicans to the oldest and best political party in the United States.

We’re building the future—for you and for our kids.