Mayor Berry Fails Leadership Test; No Jobs, No Vision For Albuquerque

Democratic candidate Pete Dinelli unveils “ENERGIZE ALBUQUERQUE”

69 days and counting until the Albuquerque mayoral election and Mayor Berry continues to do nothing about job creation in Albuquerque or any issue that affects the wellbeing of city residents.  He has no idea what to do about jobs, crime, APD or any human services issue that would make life better for the citizens of Albuquerque. New unemployment figures show that the Albuquerque jobless rate increased by 15% in one month.

Excuses and blaming others won’t work.  Constant refusals to meet and debate, giving residents a chance to ask questions from their elected Mayor illustrate the incompetence and panic that pervade city hall 2 months before the election.

Contrast that with the “Energize Albuquerque” campaign of Democratic candidate Pete Dinelli:

“I will elevate economic development to a Chief Executive level in the Mayor’s office that brings together all departments, programs and services involved in growing our economy.

International Airport Expansion that will make us a national leader in commercial and cargo travel.

And we should embrace partnerships with private industry that will ENERGIZE ABQ with permanent jobs that have a future….healthcare, manufacturing, shipping, cargo, transportation and clean energy”

Mayor Berry has had his chance and failed miserably.  He says he doesn’t want Albuquerque to “become the next Detroit.”  No Mayor has even mentioned the idea of New Mexico’s largest city going bankrupt. Mayor Berry, step aside, wave goodbye and go home–you’ve done enough.

Democrats are ready to provide leadership, ideas and energy to rebuild Albuquerque as the state’s number one job creator, giving families hope there will be a better future for their kids.

DPNM encourages you to vote for Pete Dinelli and for building a better future on October 8.