New Mexico ‘Back to School’ Tax Holiday-August 2-4

State Democrats proposed and signed into law ‘real’ tax relief

8 years ago a Democratic Governor and Democratic legislature proposed and signed into law the New Mexico Tax Holiday.  The intent of this bill was to provide real tax relief to New Mexico families and ensure that the state invested some of its tax dollars towards this effort.

The tax holiday is one example of an idea that was proposed and passed by Democrats to specifically help poor and middle class New Mexicans that has benefited all citizens of our state.  Repeal of the food tax, proposed and passed by Democrats is another example of Democratic leadership to make real change for New Mexicans.

Contrast this with the do-nothing, leaderless failure of Governor Martinez and the New Mexico Republican Party.  Their lack of ideas and action is causing New Mexico to engage in “a race to the bottom” in the issues that impact families in their day to day lives.

DPNM hopes all New Mexicans will take advantage of the 9th annual ‘Back to School’ tax holiday.

Follow this link to get further info and see what is exempted from state taxAugust 2-4.

A tax holiday for families and repeal of the food tax are two examples of Democrats listening, responding and helping New Mexicans.