Thoughts from Sam: Governor Martinez Proves She Is The Most Cold Blooded Governor In America

Martinez Shuts Down 15 Nonprofits Serving 30,000
of the State’s Most Vulnerable and Needy Citizens

It’s unbelievable what’s happened to New Mexico since Governor Martinez took office 31 months ago:

  • Worst jobs Governor in 50 states
  • Thousands flee state due to lack of jobs
  • #1 in child hunger
  • #2 in adult hunger
  • 50th in nation for well being of children
  • No drought plan or vision for anything
  • Employs unqualified individuals that hate/despise their agencies and consistently mismanage federal funds and contracts that cause state to lose millions of dollars
  • Bills taxpayers for husbands vacation and makes state police babysit then refuses to reimburse taxpayers (calling Steve Pearce)

Governor Martinez and the New Mexico Republican Party have failed miserably to improve the lives of New Mexicans in all categories. The latest example is one that should cause concern and outrage among all state residents. The NM Human Services Department, under the mean-spirited and angry leadership of Sidonie Squier (another out-of-state partisan hack with ties to George Bush, Texas and Florida) is working to deprive 30,000 of the state’s most “vulnerable and difficult to treat” citizens that suffer from mental illness and substance abuse issues.

Charges of fraud were leveled and out-of-state companies from Arizona were hired to step in—don’t even think about hiring New Mexico companies and giving jobs to out-of work New Mexicans. Instead, let’s pay $18 million dollars to 5 Arizona companies to provide “transitional services.” This includes $300 per hour for an executive director, which at a rate of 40 hours per week comes out to more than $600,000 per year! What’s going on Governor?

The intent is clear, as Senator Gerald Ortiz y Pino discussed last week at a legislative hearing: New Mexico’s behavioral health system is being dismantled as providers go out of business.

Again, we have a state agency staffed by an arrogant, out-of-touch Republican that stormed out of a recent legislative hearing believing that she “is above the law” and can refuse to answer questions she doesn’t like to elected officials. This rude, unprofessional behavior is cause for immediate termination, giving her time to pack up and move on to the next state, where she can inflict her callous and destructive ideas on its vulnerable citizens.

The NM State Auditor, Hector Balderas had to obtain a subpoena to even look at this “supposed” audit, as Governor Martinez and Ms. Squier have refused to release it so that the accused mental health providers and the public can have full transparency.

Governor Martinez and her entire administration have displayed an arrogance and mean spirited attitude on every issue that matters to New Mexicans–education, transparency, jobs, mental health/substance abuse, the drought and most importantly, leadership.

DPNM believes that public service is a calling to believe in better, providing leadership, responsibility and action to help assist the citizens of New Mexico improve their lives.

That’s what building the future is all about.